Blues Hawks Review by Liz Sarber, BluesEye, April 1998 
     In the past, Blueseye has done many features on a variety of musicians far and wide. This month we decided to turn a new leaf; I mean, after all, we’ve got several great blues bands right here in Rockford! They support Crossroads, and by George, we want to support them. Sounds like that "taken for granted" stuff, eh? It’s true, it’s human nature to look beyond our own backyards and want what is in someone else’s. Well, look no more.
     This month’s focus is on a local band known as the Blues Hawks. Maybe you’ve seen them at a local club such as Cheers or maybe you read about them in the April issue of RAM or maybe you’ve never heard of them. That’s about to change right here and now.

     The Blues Hawks include four area musicians, many of whom have played in well-known Rockford bands of the past. There’s Dave Hanson on harmonica and vocals, Tim Roe on guitar and vocals, Roger Wylie on drums and vocals, and rounding out this quad Adam Stryker on bass and vocals.

     Diversity is the band’s middle name. Playing a wide range of Texas-style blues to the more danceable funky-style blues, their song repertoire features such artists as Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Howlin’ Wolf, Johnny Winter and Cream. These guys perform for everyone’s tastes including some of their own original stuff.

     Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Dave Hanson, along with drummer Roger Wylie were members of the early ‘80s band Wheezer Lockinger. A longtime Rockford stigma, this band was originally formed in 1969, and had the great pleasure of opening for such legendary groups as Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Humble Pie, Fuse, Crow and many others. They made their mark in Rockford with a hit single on the ‘80s rock station’s Y95 Homemade Album (certainly a collectible for any collector.)
     Tim Roe, homegrown in Rockford, has long been known as one of Rockford’s hottest guitarists. Having fronted his own band and playing in several others, Roe devotes himself to his music. To his credit, Tim can play just about anything. Besides keeping with the blues, he can also rock with the best of them, play a little rockabilly, country, and yes, even dabble in jazz.
     Another Rockfordian, Adam Stryker, the groove of the Blues Hawks, has been plunking the beat on bass for a number of years. To his past credit, Adam has played with the rockabilly band The Corvettes during the ‘80s and other R&B and blues bands before turning the page and becoming the backbone of the Blues Hawks.
     All that can be said about the Blues Hawks is that they are a well seasoned group of bluesers and they are coating the Rockford scene with their style of blues and rock. A fun and exciting show can be had by all music lovers any given weekend in and around Rockford, so get out there and support our hometown boys … you just might be glad you did!