Rockford Register Star
Sunday May 16, 1999
Section B,  Page 1

by Edith Lee Webster

" Don't Tease Me "  BluesHawks

    "Blue," the opening number on this 11 song collection is one of the disc's best.
    The lyrics are simple enough- "Blue, blue, blue- the way I feel today.  Down, down down-That's where I always stay."  But, the Rockford-based band shows off contemporary blues here.  You got your lead guitar solo that shows off blues' godchild, rock and roll.  You got your bass guitar riff that drives the song.  You got your simple vocal harmony that carries the emotion of Dave Hanson's harmonica.
    Recorded live at several Rockford venues, " Don't Tease Me " includes other winners; "Nicotine Blues," a fun one about a three to four-pack-a-day smoker; and " Clickety Clack," a number about a train heading west from Windy City to " Rocky Town U.S.A."